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Summer night, Adriatic sea, octopus playing

Array //
octopus  underwater  Adriatic  sea  jet  swiming 
Added: 1 days ago by
Runtime: 178.00 | Views: 50 | Comments: 1
      (4 ratings)
Chris and Dan explore Playas Diving Playground
underwater video Mexico

Join Chris and Dan as they explore the diving playground around Playa del carmen and Cozumel, Mexico.

Array //
Deep  diving,  Playa  del  Carmen,  Cozumel,  mexico,  scuba,  buddies 
Added: 4 days ago by
Runtime: 234.81 | Views: 72 | Comments: 1
      (1 ratings)
Revenge ON those pesky perch!
Here is a diver who found a way to exact revenge on those ear-nibbling perch in some of our local lakes. It could also be a new way of fishing!

Array //
humor,  fishing,  perch 
Added: 4 days ago by
Runtime: 59.16 | Views: 78 | Comments: 1
   (1 ratings)
Oceangate Atlantic
underwater video Stargate Atlantis

Just for fun..I create this small clip.I like Stargate Atlantis and the music from Joel Goldsmith. The text ( Oceangate Atlantic.. SOON at your favorite forum.)

Array //
scuba,  gran  canaria,  pasito  ,  divers 
Added: 4 days ago by
Runtime: 62.07 | Views: 92 | Comments: 2
      (2 ratings)
Gettin Schooled !
One of my favorites is to slowly move into a school and swim with the fish. Still looking for a school of whales or dolphins or sharks!

Array //
Schooling  fish 
Added: 226 days ago by
Runtime: 241.24 | Views: 572 | Comments: 0
     (3 ratings)
Sea of Cortez - Wide & Macro
underwater video Sea of Cortez

The Sea of Cortez is known for the big stuff, do not forget to stop and look at the little stuff as well.

Array //
sharks,  mantas,  sea  lions,  schools,  nudibranchs 
Added: 250 days ago by
Runtime: 186.00 | Views: 1003 | Comments: 1
      (4 ratings)

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